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Today has been good. A little lazy this morning, a little shopping at the farmer’s market, sewing store and Target. And now I am trying to make my first caramels. I saw these a few weeks ago on Salt and Chocolate and I have not been able to get them out of my head. So here I am trying out the recipe. I thought about buying the chocolate salt that she used, but instead decided to try to make my own… chocolate + sea salt = chocolate salt?

I’m not sure its the same since I’m flying blind here, but I figure how bad can it be? I chopped some semi-sweet chocolate chips up coarsely until my arm got tired. Then I got smart and got down my handy-dandy coffee grinder and ground up some more chips in there. When I was satisfied with the amount of chocolate dust I had made, I mixed in some sea salt. I didn’t measure… next time I will measure :)

[I also need to get caught up from Thanksgiving, but I’ll do that later (lots of baking and cooking that week… and not all for the big T-day). ]

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1 Brit Hammer November 15, 2009 at 4:14 am

If you ever go to South Africa (Cape Town area) you HAVE to go to Waterford Vineyard where they pair wines with different chocolates. The salt/chocolate wafers with wine were SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

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