Christmas came early

by Patricia on November 18, 2008

Tonight, my Santa (aka D.) decided to surprise me… with a spanking new sewing machine!! Apparently, he has been contemplating this gift for weeks and after consulting with the little old sewing ladies at the store where he bought it, decided it would be better to give it to me now to use in my Christmas crafting (thank you, ladies).

It’s a Baby Lock and fancy with a screen and you don’t even need to use the foot pedal (I don’t know what to think about that yet). This will be replacing the trusty Brother that my mom gave to me about 10 years ago.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the Brother has served me well. It’s like your first car in high school: the no frills, get you from point A to point B ride. It strains under the weight when you volunteer to give your friend a ride to the mall. But you love it because it’s your first car and it means freedom. Beep beep…

But, oh, the new machine. She is like the car you get in your thirties: pretty, with leather seats and V6, and room to grow. The engine purrs along effortlessly even under the weight of 5 full size adults. And while your first car meant freedom, this car means your world is expanding. Zoom zoom…

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