Holiday Planning (Part II) — The Crafts

by Patricia on November 16, 2008

I’m still in holiday planning mode. Trying to think of what to give to my friends and families. Last year, I made a decision to have a less materialistic Christmas and it was probably the best Christmas I can remember from an emotional well-being point of view. I made “relax and indulge” packets for my friends. I enjoyed baking and sewing for the weeks leading up to Christmas and I enjoyed giving my friends something they could use (I mean, who can’t use cookies? Seriously. I could use a cookie now). And since it was successful last year, I am here trying to plan a similar success for this year…

Here are some of the Ideas for crafty presents I’ve been looking at for my friends and family:

For D. from the boys…
– Soaps? This could be a fun project to make with the kids

For the kids…
– What every little boy needs: a holster for their light sabers

For my girl friends…
Quilted Pot Holders
Wavy scarf
Homemade bath salts or herbal bath tea or bath bombs
– A reusable grocery bag like this one from morsbags
– I had a thought about buying simple tea pots and making tea cozies (I really want a tea cozy for myself) and adding some tea bags and cookies to the package as a gift pack.
– A “green pack” — like some cloth napkins or knitted dish or face clothes, reusable bags, other green stuff
Other cute gift ideas from Sew, Mama, Sew

And on a selfish note: I love these flasks from Moxie and Oliver on Etsy

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