Holiday Planning (Part 1) — Cookies

by Patricia on November 16, 2008

It is November 16. Five and a half weeks until Christmas. So the holiday baking will need to commence soon (bake cookies and freeze them for later gifting — I would prefer to give only fresh-baked cookies but that would mean baking everything right before giving them and that just isn’t practical).

Last year, I made a lot of different cookies and gave people a nice variety. Not listed in that post, I also made gingerbread which I took to my sister’s house. And lemon bars which only a couple of people got to try. There are a few cookies that I know I will be making again, either because I really liked them or because they got good reviews last year.

Definite keepers from last year:

  • Rosemary cheese crackers (they are called cookies but they are so savory its hard for me to see them as a cookie… cracker suits it better. Yummy and well-liked by many)
  • “mock” Cranberry bliss bars (extremely good with a cup of coffee…. and I’m not much of a coffee drinker)
  • Gingerbread (I loved this with fresh whip cream! Not the cookies, but the cake/ bread… soooo good) – I used a recipe from Good Housekeeping Baking

Maybe keepers from last year:

Recipes I’d like to try this year:

I’m at a loss for what to get for D. this Christmas. I have a few ideas for what to make for the rest of friends though… I’ll elaborate on those ideas later.

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