peanut butter love

by Patricia on March 19, 2008

That is the last M&M. Bought 2 days ago, the bag is empty. After a month of very little in the way of sweets, the peanut butter with the chocolate inside of the little candy shells… yummy-I-couldn’t-resist-can-I-have-another? I thought I could be good and only eat a few each day and the bag would last for a long time (according to the bag, it holds 8 servings). I tried rationing them out into a small dish — portion control, right? But then I’d grab a handful each time I’d pass by that seductive red bag. And I enjoyed every last satisfying candy-crunch followed by that peanut buttery goodness inside. What is it about peanut butter? And even more so… peanut butter and chocolate? YUM!

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