4am crazies

by Patricia on March 18, 2008

Somehow my brain thinks 4am is a decent time to wake up. My body disagrees wholeheartedly. And yet here I am pushed into the conscious world long before I was ready because something inside my head was whirring so much it spun out of control and woke me up. Ah yes, good times. I’m not even sure what it is that is supposed to be on my mind at the moment. My brain has not been kind enough to share that. So here I am at 5:40am drunk from lack of sleep writing a blog post because I just got caught up on reading all of my blog subscriptions and felt guilt over the neglect to my own writing. I should be thinking about something important since that’s the only acceptable reason for waking up at 4am, but instead I am contemplating breakfast. My groggy eyes are focused blurrily on the too bright laptop screen. It is not as though I did not try going back to sleep, but it moved and didn’t leave a forwarding address…

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