minty karma

by Patricia on March 1, 2008

A couple of friends and I were in the lift line at Heavenly on Saturday. It was a windy day so there were only a few lifts open which meant that the lines were long… very long. It was like we were at Disneyworld. It was a long line but we were managing to avoid the grumblies that would usually evoke. It was a beautiful day and we were happy to be outside enjoying it. Anyway, the guy in front of us in line pulled out a roll of thin mints and ate one. Then for no reason at all he offered them to us. We had not spoken to him or his friends. There had been no commiserating over being at the back of the line even. So the first contact and really only contact was the offer of the thin mints. We gladly accepted the chocolatey treat and I savored each bite of my minty treat. I couldn’t help thinking that that guy won a bunch of good karma points that day.

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